Ken Williamson

Ken a highly experienced author, software developer, architect and the creator of open-source projects Six910 ECommerce System, Ulbora CMS, GoAuth2 and others. He is the founder of open-source company, Ulbora Labs LLC based in Atlanta GA.

Founder of Ulbora Labs LLC

Ulbora Labs LLC

A few years ago, I started Ulbora Labs LLC, an open-source company specializing in open-source Cloud software mostly written in Go. Two of our product, GoAuth2 and Ulbora CMS are both written in Go. Using Go or Golang as many call it, allows us to quickly develop high performance software that runs with a minimum memory footprint. 


Deploy Anywhere

Most of the applications I architect and develop get deployed with Docker. With Docker, you can deploy an application anywhere on any platform that runs Docker.


Container Orchestration

I am a big fan of Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system, for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.